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Introduction and Welcome
Welcome to the Inns of Granny White (IGW).  IGW is a quiet, respectful community in Oak Hill, Tennessee. Developed in 1985, the master plan includes forty-six lots.  Our residents are a diverse group yet we all share a common bond for the well being of our community and neighborhood.

Homeowners and property owners work through and are represented by an annually-elected board and standing committee system. It is our hope that all residents will take an active interest in the issues and welfare of the Inns of Granny White Homeowner's Association (IGWHOA). we all have a stake here.

We want our community to function smoothly and for neighbors to enjoy that special environment that we have here. Certain rules and protocols have evolved through the years; we hope all homeowners and property owners will respect and adhere to them. To the boards that have so ably served over the years, these rules and protocols are common sense, intended to serve over the individual interest and collective safety and welfare of all of our property owners.

We are pleased that you are a part of our community!

Board Members
Marlowe Taylor (President)
Jennifer Neenan (Secretary)
Styric McClure (Treasurer)
Ray Booth
Dave Martinez

We have a staggered board, with members elected each year at the IGW Annual meeting, held in February. Committees are formed and officers elected at that time. All homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend any of the board meetings, which are usually held quarterly, although the board may meet more frequently when necessary.

Board Committees
Design Review Committee:
Ray Booth (Chair)
Chan McCullough
Tom Olin

Susan Tinney

Committees are established at the annual homeowner's meeting. All property owners are urged to share their interests and talents by participating in a committee.

Board Meetings

The IGWHOA meets annually with all homeowners (usually in February) during which time, board members are elected and committee membership is updated. The IGWHOA board meets quarterly, although the board may meet more frequently when necessary. All homeowners are encouraged to attend board meetings.

2017 Annual Meeting Notes
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Inns of Granny White
Homeowners Association
Operating Statement 
April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016
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Inns of Granny White
Homeowners Association 
2017 - 2018 Budget
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Inns of Granny White
Homeowners Association
Member Roster 2017
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Additional Information:
Service Companies
One of the primary responsibilities of the IGWHOA is to maintain common areas, such as the entrance gates and median strip (Lucinda White plot). This includes contracting with a number of service companies to provide mowing, landscape, irrigation, and seasonal decorations and lighting. Currently, the IGWHOA is contracted with the following service companies to provide these services:

Artisan Landscape Group (Landscaping and lawn-mowing)
Reed Irwin (Holiday decorations and lighting)

Homeowners Association Fees
Each homeowner/property owner is obligated for an annual maintenance fee, currently $400 per lot. Residents must pay this fee by January 30 or you will be subject to fines. Homeowners who have not paid their Association Fee will not be allowed to vote at the annual homeowners meeting.

Pet Policy
Following the Restrictive Covenants:
No pet shall be permitted outside of the boundaries of the Owner's lot unless on a leash and accompanied by their owner.

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